International Business Hub

Home to more than 110 automotive, aerospace and advanced manufacturing companies, SCTAC is uniquely equipped to meet the specialized needs of South Carolina’s Top 3 target industries. Keep scrolling to learn about our unparalleled benefits and why SCTAC has become an international business hub delivering more than $2 billion in annual economic impact for the pro-business state of South Carolina.

Aerospace and Aviation

More than 39% of South Carolina’s 400 aviation and aerospace-related companies are located in the Upstate region where SCTAC is located.


OEMs like BMW; suppliers like Michelin and ZF; and R&D organizations like CUICAR require large scale manufacturing sites; testing facilities; access to air rail and highways; and skilled labor. SCTAC provides access to all of this and more.

Advanced Manufacturing

Strategically located in a thriving pro-business state, SCTAC offers global companies the resources and infrastructure they need for sustained growth.