Automotive Industry

SCTAC understands what drives the automotive industry. OEMs, suppliers, and R&D organizations require large scale manufacturing sites; testing facilities; access to air rail and highways; and skilled labor. SCTAC provides access to all of this and more.

International Transportation Innovation Center

The Southeast has the largest and fastest-growing automotive cluster currently in the U.S., and at the heart of it lies SCTAC, home of the International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC).

ITIC is the only automotive test bed in South Carolina open to serving the needs of all automotive OEMs, suppliers, technology providers and research universities, regardless of brand affiliation or size.

In addition to offering a multitude of test tracks and features, ITIC provides a variety of services for developing and testing transportation megatrends such as vehicle automation, connectivity, and electrification.

Learn more about the unique services of ITIC by visiting their website.